Otto Shmidt: Algebra on the Ice
Otto Shmidt (1891 – 1966) Russian Arctic explorer, mathematician, astronomer.

Otto Shmidt was born in HYPERLINK ""Mogilev, HYPERLINK ""Belarus. His father was a descendant of HYPERLINK ""German settlers in HYPERLINK ""Courland.
. After the HYPERLINK ""October Revolution of 1917, he was a board member of the HYPERLINK ""People's Commissariats. Shmidt was one of the chief proponents of developing a higher education system, publishing and science in HYPERLINK ""Soviet Russia.
Shmidt was also the director of the Russia State Publishing House from 1921-1924, and chief editor of the HYPERLINK ""Great Soviet Encyclopedia from 1924-1941. From 1923-1956, he was a professor at the HYPERLINK ""Moscow State University, and from 1930-1932, Schmidt was the head of the Arctic Institute.

From 1932-1939, Shmidt was appointed director of HYPERLINK ""Glavsevmorput' an establishment that oversaw all commercial operations on the HYPERLINK ""Northern Sea Route. From 1939-1942, he became HYPERLINK ""vice-president of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, where he organized the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics.

Otto Shmidt was a founder of the Moscow Algebra School, which he directed for many years.
In mid 1940s, Shmidt suggested a new HYPERLINK ""cosmological HYPERLINK ""hypothesis on the formation of the HYPERLINK ""Earth and